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Fundamental technology

The Founda healthcare gateway

The healthcare gateway is a SaaS platform that provides a uniform API using FHIR, REST and other modern standardised interfaces to plug into (on-prem) healthcare IT systems. A secure, standardised way to communicate and transfer healthcare data, in real time.


The gateway securely shares multiple standardized information interfaces. The gateway can process and translate between information and communication standards such as HL7v2, HL7 FHIR, C-CDA, custom protocols as wel as REST, SOAP, SQL.

Version control

The gateway connections into the source systems are versioned. When systems get updated, you can easily manage the migration through multiple versions, and through the full development cycle.

Security at the core

Privacy by design

Privacy and security are at the heart of our technology. The Founda gateway is built by experts with a proven track record in handling sensitive data, both in healthcare and other highly regulated industries. Because we have built our platform from the ground up, we were able to fully incorporate the principles of privacy by design.


We are fully compliant with both national and international regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Founda does not store healthcare data, only relevant information for maintenance, performance, monitoring and compliance.
Healthcare application builders that want to use the data register on the Founda platform to register the data they want to consume. Healthcare organisations can decide to give these application builders access to their data or not. Healthcare organisations are in full control and can withdraw access anytime. Authentication is based on OAuth2 standards.
Yes, privacy and security are at the heart of our technology. We are fully compliant with both national and international regulations.

Yes, Founda provides logging and monitoring features. The gateway logs are separated into two components: audit logging (providing compliance managers with logs in line with international healthcare standards) and logging for data and privacy officers with all relevant tracked events in one clear overview. 


Healthcare organisations have an overview of the performance and usage of their data and the uniform API by data consumers.

Inside Founda’s monitoring dashboard healthcare organisations can view the load and availability of internal healthcare IT systems.

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