A healthcare platform which unlocks new growth

Connect your healthcare IT system or application to other healthcare systems anywhere in the world with Founda Health’s powerful API platform. Improving connectivity and interoperability.

We solve healthcare connectivity

Enabling healthcare innovation

Scalable infrastructure

Founda Health builds scalable infrastructure into healthcare IT systems, consolidating a variety of data standards into a single API.

Pay for usage

We build the integrations on our own dime. Healthcare applications pay for usage once their product has started to scale, still at a fraction of the current cost.


In contrast to current industry standards, Founda Health offers totally reusable integrations instead of expensive consultants and point-to-point solutions.

Opening up healthcare IT

We facilitate collaboration and innovation between healthcare applications and IT systems, unlocking new markets. Eventually, the healthcare industry will benefit from lower costs and more innovation.
Open market

The Founda Health effect

Multiple parties can offer their application or module to the market. This way healthcare organisations of all sizes get access to innovation.

Founda Health builds the infrastructure and connections between healthcare IT systems, modules and applications. This infrastructure is reusable.

The healthcare gateway. A versatile solution.

Connecting healthcare systems with healthcare applications and eHealth

The Founda gateway has integrations with information systems used by hospital, medical practice, lab and more. We offer a uniform API for healthcare applications and eHealth solutions to connect with these systems. Doing this enables healthcare of all sizes to get access to innovative apps without any barriere to enter.

DVZA: Connecting personal health environments (PGO) with healthcare systems

Founda Health facilitates the information exchange in the Netherlands between personal health environments and healthcare systems. The DVZA role is available through the Founda gateway (by our partners) and takes care of information exchange. We help healthcare institutions with choosing a supplier.

XDS: a cloud native XDS solution on the Founda healthcare gateway

Founda Health offers a cloud native XDS solution on the healthcare gateway. Setup and maintenance cost is covered by Founda Health. Our XDS solution enables healthcare organisations from all sizes, such as hospitals, clinics, GPs and more, to exchange images and documents within an XDS affinity domain.


Digital healthcare applications configure and connect to the Founda API once. Once given permission, they can then access data within healthcare IT systems: EHR, medical practices, lab systems and more.

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