Cutting costs for healthcare by removing the integration hassle

The Founda Health philosophy

Transparent pricing

Our mission is to improve interoperability in healthcare to speed up innovation and collaboration. Given our goal to open up healthcare, we strive to be completely transparent about our pricing philosophy.


Founda Health builds scalable infrastructure between healthcare organisations, their information systems and healthcare applications. We take on the complex challenge of removing all integration hassles in healthcare IT. Founda Health gets paid by healthcare applications that use our infrastructure.

Healthcare Applications

Founda Health removes the integration barrier from the sales process, unlocking new business opportunities. You share a small part of your revenue with us and we take care of building and maintaining your integrations, allowing you to focus resources on improving your application.

Healthcare Organisations

We enable you to innovate faster because your organisation can start using healthcare applications without the high setup and maintenance costs, just by flipping a switch in our platform. We offer a centralised and compliant way to manage logging, access and more.

Healthcare IT Systems

Founda Health introduces an additional revenue stream for our partners in IT systems. You outsource all the integration hassle to us and get paid for creating an accessible system. Any third-party applications can be integrated easily, but you still maintain control over the integrations you allow.