We are creating the future of healthcare IT

We are on a mission

To fix healthcare connectivity

We are a passionate group of creators, eager to give the healthcare world the technology it needs for a fair price. Founda Health is a technology company that builds infrastructure for the global healthcare sector. Healthcare IT systems, applications and organisations of every size – from startups to large hospitals – use our platform for connectivity.


Our mission is: improving collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation through better interoperability in healthcare. We disrupt the sector by replacing old, expensive and single purpose connections with deep and scalable integrations in healthcare IT systems. Founda Health invests in reusable infrastructure and connections, healthcare only pays for usage. This eliminates high consultancy, setup and maintenance costs.

The Founda Health culture

Founda Health is a vibrant, fast-paced and informal company. Our team has extensive experience in building great technology companies and products. Founda Health will change healthcare around the world through better software. We are so excited to speak with you.

Work with us

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Backed by decades of experience

Building and selling complex tech products in heavily regulated industries

We are creating the future of healthcare IT. Founded by seasoned tech entrepreneurs in February 2019, Founda Health is a young and well-funded company in the health tech space in Amsterdam. We have been building a technology company using a modern stack with a small team of self-determined developers. We are looking to grow the company with high quality people.