We are building the Railroad between Healthcare Systems and Apps

We are building the Railroads between Healthcare Systems and Apps

A single integration into the Founda Health platform opens up an ecosystem of innovative apps for EHRs globally

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Digitization of healthcare progresses and the expectation regarding reusability of data is growing


Many hospital systems are unable to provide the required openness and lack the flexibility to localize


How can healthcare data be made accessible, interoperable and reusable?

Connect once integrate everywhere

The Founda platform connects, processes, translates and transmits healthcare data through our uniform API. We empower innovators to build integrated solutions for healthcare by removing the hassle around data exchange.


Gain access to multiple applications and hospitals with a single integration into Founda

Fair pricing

Founda builds the integration for free; applications pay for usage when scaling their product


Each healthcare system has its own data specification and standards, and many use different coding languages


Integrate healthcare systems and applications in days rather than weeks

EHR Systems

Minimise time spent on integration hassle. Make your system accessible to the world with a uniform data layer and API.


Improve interoperability, within and beyond the borders of your organisation.


Unlock new growth opportunities by connecting your product to the healthcare ecosystem with our gateway.

Designed to solve complex technical issues with easy-to-use software

We deliver the technological foundation and building blocks to connect healthcare data and applications in realtime.
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Getting started is easy

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