We enable healthcare to collaborate and innovate

Our platform offers prebuilt and reusable integrations with healthcare IT

Accessible systems

A uniform platform opening up collaboration and innovation

Fair pricing

Free integrations, pay for usage when scaling your product

Quick setup

Start integrating healthcare systems and applications in days


The challenge of healthcare IT


Healthcare has to build point-to-point connections between healthcare IT systems and applications to exchange data.

No standardisation

Each healthcare IT system has its own data specifications and standards, and many use different coding languages.

Resource heavy

This results in expensive, lengthy integration projects, every time healthcare data needs to be exchanged.

Low interoperability

Limited collaboration and competition leads to low innovation and interoperability in healthcare.

A tangled mess of non-reusable integrations

Founda Health can change all that

Embrace Platform Thinking

The Founda platform connects, processes, translates and transmits healthcare data through our uniform API. We empower innovators to build integrated solutions for healthcare by removing the hassle around data exchange.


Founda Health builds and maintains integrations into the IT systems of hospitals, medical practices, labs and more, and takes care of all the security and analytics.

Healthcare IT Systems

Minimise time spent on integration hassle. Make your system accessible to the world with a uniform data layer and API.

Healthcare Organisations

Improve interoperability, within and beyond the borders of your organisation.

Healthcare Applications

Unlock new growth opportunities by connecting your product to the healthcare ecosystem with our gateway.

Designed to solve complex technical issues with easy-to-use software

We deliver the technological foundation and building blocks to connect healthcare data and applications in realtime.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Founda Health is not a healthcare IT system or application – we just take all the hassle out of the integration phase. Founda Health takes a fundamentally different approach to healthcare connectivity. We’re sick of the point-to-point solutions, non-reusable integrations and expensive consultants, and we’re sure you are too! Founda Health builds scalable, reusable infrastructure to help hospitals, medical practices, and labs connect all their IT systems and healthcare applications. Healthcare IT systems and healthcare applications can focus on doing what they do best, which is building their products.

Integrate with our standardised REST FHIR API and unlock new growth opportunities for your product:

1. View our docs here

2. Get started with an onboarding call by submitting this form

Yes, we don’t believe in vendor lock-in. We hope to satisfy every customer with our products, but you can terminate the contract at any time without reason. We even help you in the transition to another supplier, because we want to make sure that no patients are affected by it. We also allow you to work with competitors while we are in business together.

We remove all the integration hassle for healthcare applications, making it far easier for them to expand their customer base. We therefore charge healthcare applications a small percentage of their revenue to use our infrastructure. Read more on our pricing philosophy

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